Outside food and drink are not permitted in the Park Theater. It is the discretion of the show whether or not video cameras or still cameras are allowed for events.  If an event does not permit the use of video or still cameras, our staff will ask the patrons to return these items to their vehicles prior to entering the building. Management expects all representatives of the Safety/Security department to either confiscate or eject those patrons in violation of these policies. If patrons are already inside the facility, the items must be confiscated, discarded or returned to his/her vehicle. All confiscated items will be sent to the box office and held for pick-up for 30 days. After 30 days, The Park Theater will discard all items.

Child’s Admission Policy

Everyone, 2 years and older, attending events must have a ticket (exception on some family shows.)

Illegal Vending

The Park Theater will not permit vending, soliciting, collecting contributions for any purpose whatsoever or distributing of handbills on the premises.


There are no weapons of any kind allowed into the building. If you are found in violation of this policy you will be taken to the Security office and ask to leave the building. When necessary, these weapons may be turned over to the Glens Falls Police Department. All individuals may be searched upon entering The Park Theater

Underage Drinking, Alcohol Bottles and Can Possession

All patrons in the building, who are identified as being under the age of 21 and in possession of alcohol, will be ejected, and their parents will be notified for proper advisement. When necessary, they may be turned over to the Glens Falls Police Department.

All persons who are drinking alcohol and appear to be under the legal drinking age but cannot produce proper identification will be processed as above.

All persons identified as the person(s) supplying underage drinkers with alcohol will be processed as above.

Arena Admission to Facility, Anti-scalping Policies/Procedures

No person, including minors, shall be admitted to any event in the Arena without holding a valid ticket to the event.

Anyone with information on scalping should report it to appropriate personnel.

Unless authorized by The Park Theater, no person shall be admitted into the facility with any of the following items in his/her possession:

Alcohol beverages or controlled substances (unless prescribed for the possessor) cameras, audio or visual recording equipment, radios, televisions or any other such electronic devices, except when authorized.

  • Pets
  • Bottles, either plastic or glass
  • Cans or coolers
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons and dangerous devices of any type

Unless authorized by The Park Theater, the carrying of food and beverages into the facility is prohibited.


The Park Theater  is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not allowed in public areas or within 25 feet of the building by any patron or employee. Anyone observed smoking inside the facility shall be asked to extinguish the item immediately.

Any person who refuses to comply with the policy shall be subject to ejection.

What are The Park Theater Guest Conduct Policies?

The Park Theater strives to provide guests with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. To ensure that a pleasant experience is not disrupted or ruined by a few unruly guests, we have established the following Code of Conduct. The following acts shall be grounds for denial of ticket sales, eviction from or non-admittance to The Park Theater without a refund

  • Activity likely to endanger person or property
  • Activity or item that could disrupt or interfere with performances or other activities including, but not limited to air horns or laser pointers
  • Bringing into the facility articles that could be perceived as dangerous including, but not limited to, weapons, chains, bottles or cans
  • Smoking or carrying a lighted cigar, cigarette or pipe in NO SMOKING areas
  • Individuals who appear intoxicated
  • Attempting to smuggle alcoholic beverages into the building
  • Consuming or carrying dispensed alcohol in areas other than designated areas for consumption
  • The selling to, possession of, or consumption by a minor of alcoholic beverages
  • Bringing into the theater any type of beverage or food container other than those necessary for medical or childcare