The Historic Park Theater in downtown Glens Falls, NY

The Park Theater is a premier theater, concert, and private event destination in the heart of downtown Glens Falls. The newly renovated century-old theater holds a long and storied history within the historic town of Glens Falls:


The Park Theater Opened its Doors

The Park Theater first opened its doors on December 23, 1911 as the first movie theater in Glens Falls. The town gathered to watch silent films and vaudeville shows until the movie theater’s closure in 1935.


The Glens Falls Post Co Era

The Glens Falls Post Co., publishers of The Post-Star, purchased the building and converted it into a printing plant.


Dr. Harold Kirkpatrick

Dr. Harold Kirkpatrick, a local plastic surgeon, bought the building and worked on improving it with hopes of using it as a performing arts center.  He rented the space out for occasional concerts and Jerry Aratare operated a movie theater there for a short period of time in 2010.


Purchased by Elizabeth Miller

In July 2014, local developer Elizabeth Miller (president of Miller Mechanical) purchased the property from the Kirkpatrick family and began a several years long renovation project with the help of AJA Architecture and Planning and Cifone Construction Co.


The Park Theater Reopens

The Park Theater reopens into a state of the art performing space with Doc’s Restaurant downstairs.

The Park is Proud to be a Member of these fine organizations:


Come visit the new Park Theater and see for yourself!